How is California Handling This Winter?

This winter has set the record for many things (besides politics). The storms that are coming through are making this  January the 9th wettest since 1895.

This winter may be fixing the drought, but it’s causing a lot of damages to the state and to the budget.


Claimed by the storms:

January 9th California said goodbye to its loved “tunnel tree” that cars could drive through before the storm happened. Its home had been Calaveras Big Trees State Park since the 19th century and will be missed.

The Cement Ship took a beating from a winter swell that came through. In Aptos, California the ship had always been a little broken down but this caused more damage .

Another casualty of this winter is the Oroville dam that is releasing water at an alarming rate because of a hole in the spillway.

What’s the cost?

A press release on Caltran’s website doesn’t explicitly state what the price is to repair Big Sur road but it does estimate $401 million in storm repair costs.

“Our roadways have been pounded this winter by the severe weather conditions. Crews are mobilized across the state removing debris, repairing road damage, performing traffic control and assessing ongoing risks. As we work to reopen many of our roadways, we are also preparing for the next wave of storms. We will continue to work around the clock.”— Malcolm Dougherty, Director, Caltrans

I think it’s safe to say Californians are tougher than some states may think. And California can pull through the rest of this winter.


The bright side to this:

There are those who live in California and actually like all the storms. State Park aide Amanda Lightfoot works at Patrick’s Point and winter time for her job can be pretty exciting:

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