Why You Should Go to Upcountry’s Farmers Market in Maui

Maui is an island of paradise and if you want a slice of heaven then you can find it at the Upcountry Farmer’s Market.

This is where you can find the real souvenirs, meet the locals and share some good times. If you’re a solo traveler this is a great place for a Q&A with the locals on the best eats and things to see.

How Should You Get There?

If you already rented a car, fine. Of course, you’ll drive. If you don’t have a car then you get the chance to enjoy Maui’s bus system. If you have a bike and want to beat that uphill without the hard work, then put it on the bus’ bike rack.

First, buy the $4 all day bus pass. Then take the Upcountry Islander Route #40 to the Kulamalu stop. The bus comes every half-hour which will give you time to see everything, sit under the trees and enjoy your food.

You cannot miss it. Blue and white pop-up tents give an old parking lot a makeover into a happening place. Nearly everything is organic by their standards and all of it comes from Maui.

What will You Find There?

Here was my menu: portabella mushroom breakfast burrito, local iced coffee, blueberry-pineapple cheesecake. I was so full and there was so much more to try.

Italian bread stand, succulents planted in volcanic rock, empanadas, fresh coconuts, bushes in the shape of plants, huge “jack” fruit, every type of fruit, and many more foods, pastries, and arts. In addition, skin care products and crafts that support the locals.

What You Should Also Know

Check out the nearby town, which is the next stop on the bus, Makawao. The Maui Guidebook refers to it as a “Paniolo” which is a true Hawaiian cowboy town. Definitely a great switch up from the beach.

It’s a cute town with a bunch of storefronts to stroll through and see.




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