How “Along the Way” begins

I added another section to this blog called “Along the Way.”


Because so much of my writing has been trained and aimed at keeping me out of it. My style has slowly been changing into a very bland one. I am not saying news writing is bland but mine is lacking something.

I thought of it like a math formula for a while. Most important information first, then the nut graph and then more information. Blah.

The artistic ways are totally there, but it’s not always what my professor wants to hear or read. In fact, this is the very topic my teacher doesn’t want to hear or read.

Along the Way—the meaning

I am 21 and I have just moved away from home again into the city of San Luis Obispo. I am pursuing a major in journalism and a double minor in science and risk communication and global politics. I attend Cal Poly so why not go big?

This section is for me dealing with life along the way of dream chasing.

The quirks, the potholes in the road and then crazy instances that just happen to me.

Advice is always welcomed, so read, laugh and enjoy.

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