Ten ways for the unorganized to become organized

Anyone who knows me is probably laughing at this title. They’re probably thinking to themselves, “is Megan really giving advice on how to be organized?” Yes, I am. If anything I am messy, which means I know what organization methods work and don’t. (I really know the ones that don’t work…)

  1. Get a calendar. A real one. This is your backup. The paper hard drive for your phone. So when that phone dies because you never charged it, you will have this calendar to rely on. This is a frame for the big picture.
  2. Write it down. If you buy a planner or a calendar it does not make you organized. I really wish it worked that way. It starts though with putting those dates down. Even if it begins on your hand you can keep transferring it to your phone and then your calendar. glenn-carstens-peters-190592
  3. Bullet journals are worth the work. A bullet journal is a dotted or grid paper journal that comes blank. For you to pour out all your creativity into one source. However, these take time to create.  
  4. Clean your room. This can be a hard one for those who are scattered and not organized, to begin with. It does help productivity and focus.
  5. Change your idea of organized. Thinking you should be organized is okay. But conforming yourself to a standard of organized to someone else is just being hard on yourself. So what you have clean friends who never appear to be messy. You can have organized chaos. tim-gouw-69753
  6. Schedule yourself in. Set aside time when you are the most productive to organize yourself. Personally, I take time in the morning to write into my calendar, my journal and then make sure everything I wrote down on my phone ends up on paper.
  7. Create habits. This is very hard but you can start small. You can use the “put it away” method. Right after you are done using anything (pen, hairbrush, spoon, etc.) put it away. Have a spot and be used to bringing items back to their places.
  8. Set a timer. For house tasks that need to happen but there’s an overwhelming amount, just do 10 minutes at a time. Set that timer and have your task list at hand. Then just keep going and set it again.
  9. Clean out. I go through my “stuff” and clothes then I make an assessment. Do I have the same shirt that I never wear? If yes, then I start making a goodwill bag. Where I take the old clothes and random items I have accumulated it and drop it off.
  10. Breathe. You can only do one thing at a time. You can only write one task down at a time. So if reading how to be organized is all you do, then that is okay.

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cultured mind, of what then, is an empty desk?”

—Albert Einstein

This isn’t about converting yourself into a planner. It’s about finding the balance and understanding what really works for you. I know I cannot empty my desk but this is a way to clean it up.

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